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Streamlined for maximum impact

Videobolt templates feature many adjustable colors which could sometimes lead to having to adjust too many color controls. The new customization layout now features 2 sections to help impower quick, impactful template editing:

Color scheme
Quickly make sweeping changes to the color scheme of a template.
  • Basic controls - featuring the most impactful controls like colors, fonts, special effects and more depending on the template. Colors are now grouped by similarity so you can quickly make sweeping changes to the color scheme, no matter how many colors there are in the template.
  • Advanced controls - same as our previous customization layout with all available customizations listed so power users can still make detailed adjustments to the template.

NOTE: There is some manual work involved in adapting templates to the new customization layout, so not all templates will have it at the moment. Music visualizers will be the first to use the new layout, with all other templates coming in the following week or two.

Improved Color Picker

There is also a minor - but surely appreciated - update to the color picker. Until now, users on Google Chrome couldn't paste the HEX code directly into the color picker. This was a limitation of Chrome, which we overcame by building our own, browser independent color picker.

Videobolt color picker
Simply paste the code of your preferred color.

While this is a minor change for now, it's only the first step in our effort to make grand changes to asset management, empowering easy handling of brand identity and color schemes.

Coming soon in a future update will be the ability to save frequently used color schemes and brand related media (logos, mottos, etc.) to make your video making process even easier.

Published on Oct 7, 2021 by
Žare Petkov
Customer Value Growth Manager at Videobolt

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