Make your tracks visually engaging and more relatable to the audience with our diverse library of customizable lyric video templates.

Lyric videos are quickly becoming a go-to for artists and labels looking to connect with their fans. They blend animations, images, and creative fonts to sync lyrics with the music, transforming a simple listen into an immersive experience. Easy, quick and affordable to make, these videos add a visual dimension to your songs, vividly bringing the story and emotions to life.

Select the ideal lyric style to create video from audio

Videobolt’s extensive selection of creative lyric templates is designed to resonate with every music style and genre, always aligning with your creative vision. Whether you're a well-known artist or just starting out, our diverse range of styles and designs are tailored to echo the essence of your music. Our user-friendly lyric video maker allows you to effortlessly create captivating lyric videos directly from your web browser, all in just a few simple steps.

Ready to match your music with a perfect visual? Here are popular lyric styles to use in your next project.

Shiny colorful disco

Dive straight into the vibrant world of funk with our colorful templates inspired by the glamorous disco era.These templates pay tribute to the lively disco atmosphere, infused with modern flair, a vibrant color palette, and shimmering constellations. They're ideal for upbeat, funky tracks that aim to get listeners on their feet.

Retro vibes

Transport your audience back in time with our templates inspired by the creative fusions of past and present. Inspired by vintage aesthetics, nostalgic elements, and glitch effect, these templates are ideal for songs that echo the past or bring a classic touch to modern melodies.

Kinetic typographies

Dynamic, engaging, and visually captivating — our templates featuring kinetic typographies are a storyteller's dream. They play with motion, text, and rhythm to keep your audience hooked, suitable for fast-paced, lyrically rich songs.

Sci-Fi adventures

Step into a futuristic voyage with our Sci-Fi themed templates. These templates offer a fusion of futuristic designs and technological motifs, perfect for electronic music, experimental tracks, or any tune that aims to transport listeners to uncharted dimension.

Dreamy anime magic

Discover relaxed, nostalgic, and dreamy aesthetics of our anime-themed lyrics video templates. Designed to evoke a cozy, warm atmosphere, these templates rely on slow, fluid movements, muted colors, and looping backgrounds. They’re perfect for creating a tranquil, contemplative atmosphere that complements the introspective and relaxed tones of your music.

Classic elegance

Our templates inspired by classic elegance style embody a refined aesthetics of pure simplicity. Merging minimalist designs with a touch of grace, they are perfectly suited for ballads, acoustic melodies, and any song that seeks a simple yet refined visual touch.

Christmas spirit

Embrace the festive cheer with our cheerful Christmas templates. From snowflakes to shimmering lights, these templates encapsulate the joy and warmth of the holiday season, making them perfect for your seasonal hits.

Explore creative universe at Videobolt beyond lyric video templates

At Videobolt, we're passionate about the intersection of music and visual art. Our music visualizers and lyric videos are the perfect canvases for musicians to experiment with their creativity. But beyond these, Videobolt provides a vast array of creative solutions to enhance your digital content. From captivating intros and outros that make to dynamic slideshows that tell your story, and seamless transitions – we have it all. With over 11,400+ customizable motion graphics templates at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Dive into our diverse collection and discover the perfect elements to elevate your creations to new heights of excellence.

Published on Jan 18, 2024 by
Vuk Radovanović
Head of Marketing Operations at Videobolt

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