Capture and celebrate your year's highlights with our step-by-step guide on creating a personalized, engaging Year in Review video.

Year in Review videos are not just about revisiting memories — they're a meaningful way to connect with your audience. These videos bring to life the vibrancy and emotion of your year, creating a narrative that not only looks back but also strengthens bonds with viewers. It's storytelling at its most engaging, with video as the perfect canvas.

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In this comprehensive guide, we'll lead you through the journey of creating your very own captivating Year in Review video using only Videobolt motion graphics templates and editing tools. Your final Year in Review video will mirror the one we've produced for our own platform (embedded above) and will comprise four type of ingredients:

  • A-Roll videos: These components will feature your narrative with on-screen text elements. The number of A-Roll video segments will be entirely in your hands, allowing you to tailor the video's depth and storytelling to your preferences. Each A-Roll video segment will serve as a key piece in recounting your year's story, making it as personalized as your experiences.
  • B-Roll videos: This layer of your video will bring a visual flourish to your narrative. Animated floating devices will elegantly illustrate the information presented in the corresponding A-Roll video segments. The number of the B-Roll video segments should correspond to your chosen number of A-Roll elements, creating a harmonious and synchronized visual experience.
  • Outro: The grand finale of your Year in Review video will feature your logo within one of the most liked Videobolt's logo animation templates. This will be accompanied by a tagline that will leave a lasting impression on your viewers.
  • Music: We've also composed music perfectly tailored to match the design of your Year in Review video, adding a cinematic and epic touch that harmonizes seamlessly with its style.

Now that we have our shopping list ready, let's dive into a step-by-step guide on how to bring your Year in Review video to life.

Step 1: Crafting the narrative core

To craft a compelling narrative for the A-Roll segments in your Year in Review video, start by selecting messages that resonate with your unique story. Think about the highlights and achievements from your year, whether it's personal or related to your business. These could include key statistics like the number of projects completed, growth in audience engagement, personal milestones, or any other significant moments. We went for the number of new templates, new users on the platform and significant new tools we released.

Once you have your messages ready, begin by clicking the "Make your own" button under the “Gradient Rays Reveal” template embedded below to bring your narrative to life.

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In the template editor, you will go through the customization process:

  • Inserting text: Navigate to the Media Panel on the left hand side. Here, select the 'Logo placeholder' (which we'll use to insert text instead of the logo) to initiate personalization. In the dialogue that follows, you'll find the 'Add Text' option. Click this button to overlay your chosen message onto the visual. Input your specific text, and tailor the text color and font to align perfectly with your style.
  • Finalization and export: After placing your message and customizing the text style, simply click Produce & Download. This will render a high-definition version of your first A-Roll video, complete with your customized messaging.
  • Repeat for each message: Follow this process for all A-Roll messages to create a six-second video for each one of them.

Our four messages turned into four A-Roll videos:

Step 2: Illustrate annual achievements with B-Roll

To create B-Roll videos, we went for the “Website Promo” pack available for customization to all Videobolt users. This pack, featuring ten cohesive templates, uniquely showcases devices floating in cosmic settings, creating a dramatic visual story.

From the ten available templates in the pack embedded above, we selected four to work with. However, your creative freedom extends to choosing any template from this selection. The real beauty lies in the ability to mix and match these templates in any combination to achieve your desired effect.

Make sure to select the number of templates that aligns with the number of text messages you have for your video. This approach will allow you to seamlessly alternate between A-Roll and B-Roll videos, creating a dynamic and engaging storytelling flow.

Once ready, hit the “Make your own button” below selected templates and start making your B-Roll videos. The customization feature of these templates allows you to infuse a personal touch into your narrative. In this step, we added our logo to the floating laptops and featured our templates on the screens, vividly portraying the milestones of our year.

Our final four B-Roll videos:

All of these customizations are readily available for you on the left-hand side in the template editor, under the 'Logo' and 'Media' placeholders (for what appears on the screens).

Step 3: A bang to end your annual recap

To conclude your Year in Review video on a memorable note, you’ll need a captivating outro as the final ingredient. Here's how to create it.

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Below the embedded "Gradient Rays Reveal" template, click the "Make your own" button to access the template editor. In the template editor, customize the outro by uploading your logo to replace the default one in the logo placeholder on the left-hand side. Then, choose the text for the tagline placeholder and personalize its colors and fonts using the "Customize" options available on the left-hand side.

Once you're satisfied with the customization, hit the "Produce & Download" button to render a high-definition version of your outro.

Step 4: Merge your A-Roll and B-Roll videos

With all the essential elements in place, it's time to merge them into a seamless Year in Review narrative. Using our user-friendly Merge tool, part of our Simple Video Tools, you can effortlessly combine your A-Roll and B-Roll videos, ensuring a smooth and captivating storytelling experience. To learn how to use it effectively, we have a dedicated blog post that provides step-by-step instructions.

Our Year in Review video project at Step 4

By alternating between your A-Roll and B-Roll videos, you'll create a dynamic and engaging storytelling flow. For now, we'll hold off on adding the outro. That final touch will come later in the process.

Step 5: Enhance video pace

To further enhance the impact of your Year in Review video, it's time to adjust the pace. Videobolt's Simple Video Tools offer a convenient Speed tool that allows you to increase the video speed by 2x, adding a dynamic touch to your narrative.

For detailed instructions on how to use the Speed tool effectively, we have a comprehensive blog post that guides you through the process.

By utilizing this tool, you'll ensure that your Year in Review video flows smoothly while maintaining viewer engagement throughout its duration.

Step 6: Complete your Year in Review montage

With your A-Roll and B-Roll videos successfully merged and the pace adjusted to perfection, it's time to add the final element to your Year in Review video. Utilize our Merge tool once more to seamlessly combine your carefully crafted montage with the outro.

Step 7: Add the perfect soundtrack

To elevate your Year in Review video, we've composed this custom music track designed to seamlessly adapt to your video's duration. The track is versatile and can accommodate different video lengths, depending on the number of messages you've included in your narrative.

To incorporate this music into your video, simply use our Add audio tool under Simple Video Tools (it is really straightforward, but if you get stuck, we have a blog post with instructions). When you select this track, it will appear longer than your video's length. During the import process, our tool provides a convenient selector, allowing you to choose the segment of the song that aligns perfectly with your video's ending. Be sure to select the end part of the audio to ensure a harmonious match with your video's conclusion.

We hope you're delighted with the outcome of your Year in Review video! Feel free to explore our vast library of 11,400+ motion graphics templates for even more design options to tell your unique story. Happy creating!

Published on Dec 19, 2023 by
Vuk Radovanović
Head of Marketing Operations at Videobolt

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