Engage your audience with seamless video loops and transform your videos into captivating endless streams — all for free, without watermarks or the need to register.

Every content creator understands the power of repetition in driving a message home. Our Loop tool is designed to help you harness that power. Whether you're aiming for a hypnotic effect, highlighting key moments, or simply looking for a creative way to extend your footage, playing with time and motion can turn a simple video into an intriguing one.

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Get started with looping your video

The first step in modifying your video into a loop is accessing our online video looper. You can navigate straight to Loop, or visit Simple Video Tools and select it from our collection of 16 easy-to-use editing tools.

Once there, all you have to do is upload your video by either dragging and dropping or importing it directly from your device. Our tool accepts various video formats, including most prevalent ones like MOV, AVI, and MP4, making sure you won’t be limited by file types.

Easily loop video online to turn it into an endless story

With your video successfully uploaded, making the perfect loop takes only a couple of clicks. In the “Properties” section, you can choose how many times you want your video looped. Simply select from the preset values (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x), depending on your project’s needs.

You can also choose to include the “Boomerang” effect on your video. Applying this effect reverses the video after it’s played forward, creating a back-and-forth motion for your loop. This effect adds a playful and engaging twist to your video, ensuring even simple actions look dynamic and entertaining. Perfect for the endless scroll of social media where retaining viewer attention is critical.

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Preview, produce and download your looped video

In the “Video” section you can preview the loop in real-time, and get a glimpse of its final look before producing it. Keep an eye on the output specs, such as duration, resolution, and framerate, which update dynamically as you alter the loop settings.

After perfecting your loop, simply select “Loop & Download.” Our platform will smoothly render your video and automatically initiate download, providing you with a video loop ready to captivate your audience, watermark-free.

Enjoy the premium features with a free Videobolt subscription

Although creating an account isn’t necessary to use the Loop tool, a free Videobolt account brings numerous benefits to content creators. Registering with Videobolt allows you to speed up your creative process and secure your projects with our cloud storage. Our Media Library helps you simplify file management, cutting down on redundant uploads and freeing up your time to focus on what you do best — video creation.

Discover more Simple Video Tools

As you delve into the specifics of this Simple Video Tool, remember to explore our range of tools showcased in our blog. Whether it involves merging, trimming, cropping, or resizing your videos, adding dynamic touches through flipping and rotating, or applying creative tweaks with speed modifications, our resources are here to assist you. Our comprehensive, user-friendly guides are designed to empower you to use the Simple Video Tools effectively and creatively.

Unleash the potential of your videos

Don’t just stop at looping — there's a whole spectrum of creative options to explore that can take your videos from good to unforgettable. Explore the breadth of creativity with 7,500+ high-quality motion graphics templates available at Videobolt. Complement your looped video with vibrant intros and outros, creating content that's not just visually engaging, but also professional, polished, and memorable. Happy creating!

Published on Nov 22, 2023 by
Vuk Radovanović
Head of Marketing Operations at Videobolt

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