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Where there is a woman, there is magic. Women should be appreciated every day, yet as the International Women’s Day is approaching, we should take a moment to acknowledge all the amazing women in our lives, especially on the 8th of March.

Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, perfumes are all good as gifts, but nothing can come close to receiving sincere words of affection. As our lives tend to get hectic, we often neglect the ones we love the most, yet kind words mean the world to all of us and there is no substitute for expressing genuine affection.

Our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, friends, colleagues - all deserve to know that we don’t take them for granted. So put them first. Think of a special female person, write down all the wonderful things about her and present it in an original way. Yes, it can be a spoken word, handwritten card, but also something she can proudly share with everyone - a custom made video card.

We suggest a few video templates, which you can fully customize with colors, text, images and create a thoughtful personalized video card in minutes. The video editing part is easy and fast, the real effort is in choosing the right words, so take time in choosing the kindest ones.

Women’s Day Slideshow Video Cards

Collect favorite photo memories, combine them with a thoughtful message and create an emotional video for your favorite women. For sure it will be something that will bring a smile each time she recalls receiving such a unique gift.

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Women’s Day Intro Animations

Want to create something special, but with using words only? Customize one of our templates that don’t require importing images. Use it to create a touching intro for your video or a heartwarming e-card for that special one.

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Event Promo Video Invitations

Organizing an International Women's Day event to show appreciation for all the ladies in your company? You should! Create beautiful event invitations specially designed for March 8th, and send a classy invite with a personal message and branded with your logo.

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Product Promo Videos

Create original themed videos for Women's Day sale campaigns and make your offer stand out while reflecting the spirit of the holiday.

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So? What are you waiting for? Make the perfect video card now!

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Published on Feb 26, 2020 by
Milica Popovic
Marketing gall with advertising in heart.

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