These templates are the very best of the previous month, as chosen by our designers.

Our Authors had a stunningly prolific November, creating over 170 new templates. So many stunning promos, 3D animations and stream overlays — picking favorites was not easy. Hope you like these as much as we do.

Cool Party Promo

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Cool Party Promo - Original - Poster image

Bright, playful and bouncy — this is a stunningly animated promo perfect for promoting events and good news.

Happy Urban Slides

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Happy Urban Slides - Original - Poster image

A modern animation steeped in good vibes and retro stylings. From selling merch to promoting events, this template makes impressive videos.

YouTube Clean Callouts Pack

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Youtube Clean Callouts - 3 - Original - Poster image

Remind your viewers to engage with your channel and boost you ranking with a smooth unobtrusive animation that is easily overlaid on top of any video.

Light Up Reveal

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Light Up Reveal - Original - Poster image

Modern and energetic reveal with beautiful glowing rotating shapes and 3D text. This is the perfect opener for trailer promos, video productions, and presentations.

Colorful Summer Drink Commercial

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Colorful Summer Drink Commercial - Original - Poster image

Create your own beverage commercial with an expertly animated 3D tin can that features your brand front and center. This ad is bound to leave viewers thirsting for more.

Dynamic Urban Media Slideshow

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Dynamic Urban Media Slideshow - Original - Poster image

A sleek presentation fit for high street shops, trendsetter brands and high end creatives. Full of smooth, stylish text animations combined with multimedia footage.

It has been an absolutely epic month at Videobolt and a huge thanks to our entire Author community for their amazing works and creativity. Special shoutout to our latest Authors kudos and tinomotion. Be sure the check out the rest of the library, all 3100+ templates are selected for their excellence.

Last but not least a huge thank you to all our fans and customers, who have eagerly embraced our unlimited plans.

Watch this space for more news, roundups and guides. Have a great day and see you soon.

Published on Dec 1, 2022 by
Petar Drndarević
Big lover of film and music. Long time Videobolt power user, copywriter and support provider.

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