These templates are the very best of the previous month, as chosen by our designers.

Our worldwide network of talented motion designers created over 80 new templates last month. Each one is great and hand-picked for quality, but we still have our favorites. Our design team (lead by our CEO) selected their top five for you. These templates are dazzling overachievers.

Distorted Glitch Logo

In just five seconds this intricate glitch animation sets the pace and atmosphere. Full of intricate noise, glitches, VHS, bad signal, errors, distortions, RGB chromatic aberration, and flicker effects. It's perfect as an intro, outro or even a transition for any kind of tech content.

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Distorted Glitch Logo - Example theme - Poster image

Modern Viz 2

This isn't just a visualizer, it's a whole creative kit. With two video placeholders and several reactive spectrums this visualizer can become anything you want it to be. From flashy and colorful to subtle and understated.

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Modern Viz 2 - Horizontal - New Default - Poster image

Cardboard Logo

We're huge fans of motion graphics that are based in realism. This stop-motion, grungy cardboard animation feels like something from the 90s in all the best ways as it flies through a kaleidoscope of colorful cardboard. Varied controls allow you to tweak the noise, plastic bags, and more.

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Cardboard Logo - Example theme - Poster image

Paper Logo

This short punchy slideshow gives off a nostalgic vibe. Whether it's the end of a season or the start of something new, the message will be obvious as you tear through a stack of photos to reveal your brand.

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Paper Logo - Pharma & Healthcare - Poster image

Words Fusion

Bright colors and flashing lights, this animation is like a word catwalk. Quite literally show that your word is the foundational block of your brand as it gets assembled from fast moving typography of phrases that describe it.

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Words Fusion - Pharma & Healthcare - Poster image

These are the best of our September and I'd like to extend a huge thank you to the author community for their hard work and dedication. I can't wait to see the videos our customers make from these templates.

Watch this space for more news, roundups and guides. Have a great day and see you soon.

Published on Oct 20, 2022 by
Petar Drndarević
Big lover of film and music. Long time Videobolt power user, copywriter and support provider.

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