Keep all your communication consistent with custom fonts.

The right font is an integral part of any visual brand, and the same goes for video. Let's look at how to manage and customize any font in a Videobolt template:

How to upload fonts to your media library

  • Go to your Media Library
  • (Optional) Make a new folder for your fonts by clicking “New Folder”
  • Upload your font files via drag-and-drop. Alternatively, click “Upload” and select the files from your computer.
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How to change fonts in the editor

  • Click Edit under the thumbnail of your chosen template
  • Go to Customize in the editor sidebar
  • Expand the “Fonts” list, if it isn’t by default, and click on the font you wish to change
  • Select “My Fonts” and click on the search box to see a list of fonts found in your library. Type the name of the font you wish to use or find it in the list. Note: you may also upload your font straight from the editor by clicking the upload button on the right.
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That’s it, your font will now be in the video. Check the image preview to see the changes, or render a preview video by clicking Produce Video.

How to use Google Fonts on Videobolt

In addition to custom fonts, you can also choose from thousands of fonts available in Google's Font library. All these fonts licensed for personal and commercial usage. Let's check it out:

  • Go to Customize in the editor sidebar
  • Click on the font you wish to change
  • Select “Google” to browse thousands of Google Fonts. You may filter fonts by category (serif, sans serif, etc.) or language, and search by name. By default, all categories and languages are enabled.

Now you know all you need to customize fonts on any Videobolt template. Go and make some awesome videos!

Published on Sep 20, 2021 by
Petar Drndarević
Big lover of film and music. Long time Videobolt power user, copywriter and support provider.

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