Spooky video templates for you to create Halloween themed video ads!

Boo! Is your brand ready to seize the sales potential during Halloween season?

Don’t worry, in case you are not ready - we got your back. Just like preparing a costume (or decoration) for a Halloween party, you should also think of an appropriate way to market your products during the spooky season. To help you out, we’ve made a collection of ready-made Halloween themed templates which you can easily customize and have your special promo videos ready. Besides the ‘how to’ on video making, we’ve also come across with awesome DIY decor ideas, just to make sure you are fully ready to ‘trick or treat’.

Now that we have our decoration sorted - on to Halloween video marketing. :) Whether you have a YouTube channel, retail brand, coffee or a restaurant, you can use these video templates to make your offer stand out during Halloween. Your only task is to choose the design you love, upload your logo, images and adjust the colors to match your visual brand.

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Halloween Special Offer

Announce special Halloween discounts with these awesome designs that will delight your customers, and help them not miss any of your special Holiday deals.

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Halloween Intro - Original - Poster image
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Halloween Sale Horizontal - Original - Poster image

Holiday Product Promo

Use any of our promo templates to create video ads that showcase your products and special offers. We’ve put down 2 examples of how you can easily adjust any template available on our platform to fit the Halloween theme.

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Beauty Care Story - Theme 01 - Poster image

Halloween Style Intros/ Outros

Create festive intros that will grab the attention of your customers (or followers). Choose from different styles, customize them and create unique animations in minutes.

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giigu - Poster image

Adorable Event Invitations

If you are planning a Halloween party, impress your guests from the very start with animated invitations! You can even personalize the designs and make unique videos for each of your guests.

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Halloween Opener - Original - Poster image

There you go! Now you have all the animated wonders up your sleeve to help you seize the full potential of Halloween sales!

Published on Oct 15, 2020 by
Milica Popovic
Marketing gall with advertising in heart.

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