Acquire Fresh Insights and Create Unique Valentine's Day 2022 Promo Campaigns.

Love. Breakup. Relationship. Single. Married. Divorced. Where do you fit in?

In 2022, it’s more likely than ever before that you’re ‘single’. The share of unpartnered people in the US has increased by over 30% since the 90’s, with the latest data showing that 38% of adults are living unpartnered.

Just because people are increasingly unpartnered, doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day has lost its marketing potential, singles can also be a receptive audience, you just need to position your brand differently.

Lifestyle Statistics for Adults in US
A growing number of American adults are living unpartnered.

Examples of a ‘New Kind’ of Valentine’s Campaigns

How do you position your Valentine’s marketing for singles? You’ll likely have to step out of your usual routine to find an alternative aspect of your brand and service, one that can be leveraged towards an audience of singles and activities which interest them. There’s no better way to explore this topic than looking at some of the most successful Valentine’s campaigns, which were not aimed at couples.

Don’t Be Afraid to Push the Boundary

Going in exactly the opposite direction of regular Valentine’s sentiment, created a special web page where users were invited to share why their ex belongs in the trash (figuratively, of course) and get a chance to earn a $300 gift card for a “treat yourself” style vacay. They called the campaign V-Day Dumpster Stay and generated a significant amount of coverage with such an edgy approach.

valentines day campaign print

Choose Your Audience and Lean Into Their Experience

Ryanair’s #EscapeTheNonsense campaign is fully targeted at single men and promotes a special offer on “single fares” (which is a pun in and of itself). The minute long ad starts by following a man as he encounters a number of typical Valentine’s situations where he is left feeling jealous and uneasy. He then finally finds respite as he disembarks from a Ryanair flight in Amsterdam, probably the perfect - certainly the most popular - city for a weekend escape.

Youtube thumbnail
#EscapeTheNonsense this Valentine's Day

Show a Silver Lining

Only one love in your life will not end in a breakup - if you are lucky enough. Zalando decided to address exactly that, the breakup, with their ‘Exchange the clothes after your ex’ ad. In this witty, relatable commercial, Zalando reminds you to turn an emotional loss into a literal, monetary gain. Understanding the consumer’s pain points is one of the first tasks for every marketer. The bonds and trust you build with your target audience will go a long way.

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Zalando 'Exchange the Clothes after Your Ex'

Focus on What’s Truly Important

Niluu is a clothing brand, specifically one focusing on vegan silk-wear. Their items are comfortable and usually worn in intimate settings. Rather than portraying a couple, this campaign focuses on the individualism and comfort of clothing, showing a single woman enjoying a most comfortable day, all by herself. It’s a great way to position the brand and their clothes as something that isn’t intended to be attractive to someone else, but rather comfortable for you and you alone.

Youtube thumbnail
NiLuu 'Fall in Love With You'

Closing Thoughts

One thing all of these Valentine’s promotions have in common is a willingness to be funny, edgy and relatable. They actively considered their audience and laser focused their message and offer to provide a memorable experience.

Depending on the culture, competition, target audience, consumer insights, and brand personality, there are so many unique creative directions that you can go in, rather than sticking to the generic communication of Valentine's Day. Actually, most holidays are great opportunities to communicate differently, as the audience is overwhelmed with the same, predictable campaigns. Finally, the result can be something so meaningful, that it becomes a crucial part of your brand identity.

So go ahead, think deeper about your audience, and as for the video making, try using Videobolt templates to create ads fast and easily.

Published on Feb 7, 2022 by
Milica Popovic
Marketing gall with advertising in heart.

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