As daily activities are turning online, video templates are a perfect way to promote your online courses, lessons, webinars and more.

Autumn is usually the time of year when children are going back to school. For parents, this is always a very demanding period and this year, with a global pandemic, it’s gonna be especially hard. We begin the 2020/21 school year in an unprecedented way—including new health protocols, physical distancing, video lessons and more. But it’s not only schools that have suffered a lot of changes.

During lockdown, a lot of businesses must adapt or even pivot and completely change their business model. Most of them are conducting business online now. In this “new now” the questions are the same, “how to behave and what gives results” and “what is a waste of time and energy”, yet, in this new environment, the answers are often completely different than what years of experience have taught us, as the switch to conducting business online has expanded in an unprecedented manner.

The online world is one most customers are already familiar with. During lockdown, time spent on social media has risen, and video consumption has increased by around 60%. It’s also proven that video is the most persuasive and engaging form of content today, across customer segments on both mobile and web. Undoubtedly, video presents an opportunity for businesses to promote their brand, engage customers and drive sales. While video, as a business, marketing, and sales tool has traditionally been the preserve of big business and big budgets, the door is now open for individuals and startups to take a piece of the pie.

Technology has advanced so that individuals and start-ups can easily create high quality engaging video content without the need for specialist technology, expertise, equipment, software or a stash of cash. At Videobolt, we believe high quality video creation should be accessible to all. We are democratizing video so that businesses can focus on being creative.

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So how does this relate to going back to school?

If your brand and business is related to school books, equipment and clothes, "back to school " season is the ideal time to promote with video. Everyone is online searching for a good deal. Use video to grab that attention and boost sales.

Video content is ideal for social media marketing, special deals, teaser campaigns, and new product launches... There are lots of tips and tricks about how to create viral business videos available online, but our rules of thumb are: choose a template that fits your purpose best; keep the video short; messaging should be simple and to the point; use your logo so it is instantly recognizable and customize video colors to maintain consistency across all of your content.

Create for different channels

It’s important to think about who your audience is and where they hang out online - then tailor your video for those people and those channels. For example, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform and videos are often longer than those posted on Facebook or Instagram where attention spans are much, much shorter. Videos that will be embedded into web- and micro- sites, emails and other marketing collateral may vary depending on the desired engagement and outcome.

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Published on Aug 26, 2020 by
Olga Mirkovic Maksimovic
COO of Videobolt

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