Explore Videobolt's Simple Video Tools – 16 user-friendly tools that empower you to turn your creative ideas into stunning visual masterpieces.
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When it comes to video editing, speed and simplicity are your greatest allies. And here's the best part: our Simple Video Tools are completely free! No registration required, no watermarks on your exported videos. These intuitive tools offer a streamlined, browser-based solution that removes the complexities of traditional editing software.

So, what can you do with Simple Video Tools?

Shape the structure of your video

Equip yourself with the tools for transformative video editing that allow you to reshape the essence of your videos and modify their content, length, and overall composition to achieve desired narrative. Whether you're looking to seamlessly blend multiple clips into a cohesive storyline, expertly trim away unwanted sections for a polished finish, or to resize videos to make sure they look impeccable on various devices and platforms. These user-friendly editing choices empower you to craft your unprocessed video material into a meticulously crafted design that effectively communicates your message.

Merge - Combine multiple videos into one
Trim - Cut out your favorite part of the video
Crop - Crop out favorite part of the video
Resize - Resize video to any size you want

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Enhance your video’s visual appeal

Turn your video creations into mesmerizing visual experiences by elevating their aesthetics and dynamics without altering their content. Imagine rotating or flipping your videos to explore various orientations or crafting attention-grabbing reverse effects. Infuse artistic flair through looping or speed adjustments that inject life into pivotal moments. With the added power of frame rate control (FPS), you can unlock a myriad of captivating video effects, ensuring your video resonates with viewers on both a visual and emotional level.

Rotate - Switch between portrait and landscape
Reverse - Turn your video backward for fun shenanigans
Flip - Mirror your video
Loop - Set your video to repeat
Speed - Speed up or slow down your video
FPS - Change framerate in your video

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Master the audio dimension

In the domain of audio refinement, uncover tools that empower you to seamlessly integrate complementary soundtracks, eliminate background noise, and separate audio tracks for individual use. These capabilities ensure that your videos offer a pristine auditory experience that aligns perfectly with your creative vision and narrative.

Add audio - Add sound to your video
Remove audio - Mute the sound in your video
Extract audio - Separate sound from your video

Simplify video handling and conversion

When it comes to managing your video files and their transformation, Simple Video Tools provide options to reduce video file sizes for efficient sharing, ensure compatibility across platforms, and create captivating animations from video segments. These functionalities enhance the versatility and accessibility of your video content, making it ready for diverse distribution.

Compress - Reduce file size of your video
Convert to MP4 - Change any format to mp4
Convert to GIF - Make GIF from any video

Your companion guides to easier and faster editing

Our blog features a series of posts designed to equip you with all the necessary tips and tricks to refine your video content to sheer perfection using Simple Video Tools. Whether you’re merging, trimming, cropping, or resizing your content, enhancing its visual dynamics with flips and rotations, or infusing creative effects with speed adjustments and loops, we've got you covered. Our detailed, easy-to-follow guides ensure you have the know-how to use Simple Video Tools with confidence and creativity.

Videobolt is so much more

Keep in mind that Videobolt is so much more than Simple Video Tools. Beyond video editing, our platform offers a treasure trove of highly customizable motion graphics templates, ready to inspire and elevate your next video project. Whatever your video needs are, Videobolt provides the resources you need to bring your creative visions to life with 11,400+ templates in our library.

Published on Oct 23, 2023 by
Vuk Radovanović
Head of Marketing Operations at Videobolt
Shape video structure
Enhance visual appeal
Master the audio
Handling and conversion
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